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What to Expect

We are scheduling appointments at this time. Please give us a call at (319) 334-2451


Monday 9am-3pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm

Wednesday 1pm-7pm

Thursday 9am-3pm

Friday 9am-3pm

Our current procedure is that we ask you to use hand sanitizer. We will then review your paperwork to ensure we have up to date information.


Once a month, we provide a meat pack of plain meats. In addition, seasoned or precooked meats are available for you to choose from. Milk and eggs are also provided if available. You may also choose personal hygiene products. Once you have chosen these items you will be able to shop from our "grocery shelves" of shelf-stable items like canned fruits and vegetables, rice, pasta, cereal and other items.


We weigh the items in the cart and send you to shop our "out back" area where we have perishable items including bakery and produce. You may shop "out back"  as much or as little as you would like throughout the month. 

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